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Do you like this idea?

I’m thinking of starting a new tumblr project!

It will be kind of like Secret Santa but with online penpals instead! You would basically message me stuff about you like your favorite movies, books, music, tv shows, etc. and I would pair you up with someone with similar interests as you. Then, you would send each other messages in each other’s ask box and get to know each other, and hopefully become really good friends! :)

I’m willing to organize the whole thing (much better than Secret Santa this time) but I want to know if people would actually do it.

So what do you think? Would you want a penpal?

Please respond and let me know! Your feedback determines whether or not I’ll put it together! :)

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  1. berrimai answered: okay i love this! :)
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  4. onelittlemoment answered: wonderful idea!
  5. 20th-street said: Wooow. Too bad i dont like anything ;(
  6. spooky-sandwich said: SOUNDS AWESOME
  7. risingfromruins answered: YES!!!!!!
  8. good-nightandjoy answered: I would do this!
  9. thatcrazymugglegirl answered: I volunteer. I volunteer as tribute.
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    Awesome yes!!
  11. studiouslybored answered: I have always wanted a penpal but never knew how to get one. i would definitly be a part of it! :)
  12. fire-in-the-hole-315 answered: Do it please! It sounds like a great idea. It would be cool meeting new people with similar interests.
  13. stillaintagamebitch answered: That would rock!!
  14. 0000-00 answered: yes yes yes!! :)
  15. johannamaason answered: omg yes please!
  16. cuteiful answered: I’d do this!
  17. miumiucrew answered: YES
  18. boredinsomniac said: YES.
  19. compl-x said: that’s a good idea! it’d just be a lot of hard work for you. like, what would you do if you got someone who had completely different interests as someone else? or if you got an odd number of people with similar interests?
  20. allrighting answered: that would be absolutely amazing!! I would love to be part of that
  21. oheemgeez answered: YES!! (:
  22. yngvolcanoess answered: I VOLUNTEER
  23. feministfaun answered: That would be awesome!
  24. youarelovedmyfriend answered: I would totally do this! Yes!
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    YES!! This is such a good idea!! :)
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